Global Macadamias has a 50% shareholding in Marquis Marketing, the world’s biggest processor and marketer of macadamia nuts. The company grows, processes and sells 48% of Australia’s macadamia production, is responsible for 22% of global kernel sales, while handling more than 16% of nut-in-shell world production.

As a 100% grower-owned company, Marquis Marketing has the best interests of the industry at heart, focussing on delivering for their supply chain partners to ensure that the macadamia industry remains viable and profitable for all industry participants into the future.

With a sourcing footprint on two continents, Marquis Marketing has regional diversity in their supply chain, which reduces their exposure to drought and other seasonal variabilities that affect supply. The result is a more stable, consistent supply, which ensures product developers have the confidence to expand macadamia nut ranges, and the farmer is always assured of a market.

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